Located just north of the gap into Burke's Garden, VA, Little Creek Crossing Alpaca Farm was founded in 2008. We currently have about 17 alpacas.  Our foundation herd consists of 7 females, one herdsire and two Jr. herdsires.  

Two livestock dogs, Lincoln and Lucy, help protect the herd.  
2009 was a start-up year on the farm.  We started with 5 alpacas - Lilly, Aggie, Sheba, Palen and Maverick. Many improvements were made with the help of friends and family.  A new barn was constructed, an old barn was enlarged, fences were built, a water well was drilled, and electricity became available.  

In 2010, we enlarged our herd with the purchase of several alpacas from Texas.  The new alpacas brought grey, fawns, and browns to our herd.  We also added more fencing to create additional pasture. Two crias were born in 2010, 7 in 2011, and 8 in 2012.

Four barn cats, several hens, roosters, and trout are now residents on our farm.